Novel Analytical Technique for VOC speciation appears on Outside Back Cover of Analyst

FastGC on Back Cover of Analyst, Issue 10, 2021

aeroHEALTH researchers from University of Rostock and Helmholtz Centre Munich (CMA) developed a novel fast gas chromatography (fastGC) instrument with integrated sampling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and detection by single-photon ionisation (SPI) time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOFMS) with fastGC runtimes down to 15s. The instrument provides rapid analysis and resolution of isomers of precursors for secondary organic aerosols, for example released from coniferous plants. Furthermore, online analysis of emissions from biomass burning allows tracking temporal changes in VOC profiles, which may be generally exploited in ageing studies of combustion emissions.

Gehm, C.; Schnepel, K.; Czech, H.; Miersch, T.; Ehlert, S.; Zimmermann, R. Hyper-fast gas chromatography and single-photon ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry with integrated electrical modulator-based sampling for headspace and online VOC analyses. Analyst 2021, 146 (10), 3137–3149.

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