Postdocs, PhD students, undergraduates: aeroHEALTH Young Scientist Training Program (YTP)

An important goal of aeroHEALTH is the multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral advanced training of graduated young scientists and the education of graduate students to receive a doctorate degree. Young scientists and doctoral students will work on thematically related research topics and will benefit from the aeroHEALTH training. The aim of the PhD student training is to enable each PhD student to perform excellent multidisciplinary science on a topic of highest scientific merit and European societal relevance and to achieve outstanding PhD degrees. The PhD students will be trained for scientific independence and self-confidence. The early career scientists supervise PhD students doing research within the scope of aeroHEALTH. A close collaboration between the single groups will be established, implemented by regular meetings of the groups and joint scientific work in the framework of measurement campaigns taking place within the aeroHEALTH work programme. Exchange of PhD students or young investigators to the partner institutions will constitute an inherent part of the scientific education of aeroHEALTH as well. In aeroHEALTH, PhD students shall be co-supervised by two institutions, fostering the thought of multidisciplinarity.


Specific Measures of the Education Programme

  • Research and mobility: joint measurement campaigns, German-Israeli lab exchange, scientific result workshops
  • Education: annual summer school (scientific/soft skills), aeroHEALTH seminar series, joint HELENA graduate school
  • Mentoring: international thesis committees (1 DE, 1 IL and 1 external expert), career coaching
  • Further PhD students integrated via other programmes and basic funding

In addition, the education includes a student program (SP)

  • Integration into interdisciplinary and international research environments
  • Included are summer schools, seminars and measurement campaigns
  • Internships, laboratory exchanges, and student jobs to gain early experience in a research environment