Research Program

The scientific work in aeroHEALTH is structured in 1 management and 4 interlinked scientific work packages (see figure), reflecting the major tasks that will be addressed for successfully tackling the scientific targets of aeroHEALTH:

  • WP1: AeroMAN see Structure in aeroHEALTH
  • WP2: AeroAGE: SIMULATION of aerosol formation, AGING an atmospheric transfromations of different time scales (FZJ and WIS)
  • WP3: AeroEXA: State of the art aerosol CHARACTERIZATION and EXPOSURE (FZJ, HMGU and WIS)
  • WP4: AeroTOX: BIOLOGICAL and TOXICOLOGICAL investigation (biochemistry, molecular biology, imaging, omics, bioinformatics (HMGU and WIS)
  • WP5: AeroDAT: Bioinformatics, omics and data integration. Link to epidemiology (HMGU and WIS)