DUST-STORM Initiative

On the occasion of the funding of the Helmholtz International Lab. aeroHEALTH, Prof. Zimmermann joint in October 2018 a HGF-delegation trip to Israel and Jordan, led by the HGF President Prof. Otmar Wiestler. During the visit of the Synchrotron-light source facility for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East (SESAME) in Jordan , where Prof. Wiestler inaugurated a HGF-funded beam line, Prof. A. Föhlisch (HZB/U Potsdam), Prof. K. Lips (HZB/ Freie U. Berlin) and Prof. Zimmermann (HMGU/ aeroHEALTH Helmholtz Int. Lab/ U Rostock) started an initiative together with SESAME (Prof. A. Lausi) to educate young Jordan scientists interdisciplinarily in the research field of “Ambient Aerosols and Health”, using modern spectroscopic techniques (e.g. Synchrotron Radiation at Bessy and SESAME) and biological approaches (e.g. transcriptome analysis). The initiative is named DUST-STORM and concentrates on the properties and health effects of dust storm-aerosols. DUST-STORM is associated to the aeroHEALTH Helmholtz international Lab. with the partners HMGU, FZJ in Germany and the Weizmann Institute in Israel. In cooperation with the DAAD office in Amman (https://www.daad-jordan.org/de/), candidates for a DAAD PhD scholarship were identified. A joint, graduate school-like, education program between the 3 universities, HMGU and HZB will ensure an optimal education of the successful candidates, preparing them for successful careers in their home-country or elsewhere. The DUST-STORM call for applicants can be found here, the presentation from the first candidate meeting here.